The Five Year Plan.

If you had asked me in 2015 what my five year plan looked like, I would have told you by 2020 I would be a multimillionaire with a worldwide company, if not multiple companies (probably with a family too ha!)

Now actually in 2020, 5 years later that couldn't be further from the truth.. or could it?

Everyday I invest time in reading & listening to entrepreneurs that are further on the journey than me. Recently I've stopped only listening to the big named entrepreneurs and put energy into 'smaller', less well known people too, which has proved very interesting.

Sometimes we don’t need to hear from someone ten years ahead on the journey, but someone 6 months or a year ahead. These people still remember what we are going through and can help us get further on quicker.

5 years ago I set out to start my own company with huge dreams. I had an idea that I could help individual and small teams of tradespeople manage their businesses. Through my own experience helping my dad set up a business as a gardener / handyman, I started to recognise how often people complain about tradespeople with a never ending list of negative experiences to be told.

Over time the business naturally evolved into helping other various types of small business besides just trades. The common denominator.. so many business people move into starting their own business because they know they can make more money with more freedom working for themselves, but often a huge majority of them are extremely experienced and capable in their 'trade' but lacking knowledge & understanding of how to build, grow and manage a business.

Often these people actually love business and could help their friends and family to grow and manage great businesses.

BUT, when it comes to their own business, this is a different story!

I have found that people hold their businesses so close to their chest, they look at their business like their baby. Therefore it's hard to see what others might be able to see. I love being able to shine a light on areas of their business where they are possibly missing opportunities and then helping them to create a plan and outwork it!

So going back to my thought about 5 years on, am I now further away from the 5 year plan that I could have imagined?

For my own life, I feel I have learned so much and grown in my own personal development journey, along with faced so many hurdles in business that I'm in a much stronger and healthy position to create those dreams now that I ever could have been.

Five years ago I was not in anyway ready to grow the company I desired.

I'm very excited about what I will build for my own life, but also extremely passionate about helping clients and people around me with moving forward in their own journeys.

If you have a business idea that you need some help with turning into a reality, please feel free to get in touch!

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