Strive for health, not perfection.

Personally, I believe perfection is an illusion.

When I have ever tried to achieve perfection in any area of my life, it always leads to feeling incomplete or unaccomplished.

Over the years as I have worked more on my personal development, I have came to realise that the word health holds strength in many more areas that just my physical body.

Last year after a series of events, I was faced with battling anxiety for the first time.

What I have realised since then, is that every single person deals with mental health, they just don't often face anything 'serious' enough to be left feeling in a deep situation where they can use a label such as anxiety. But, the reality is, each and every one of us has faced anxiety.

Having now came through this myself, plus having done a lot of research on the mind, my personal opinion is that every mental health 'situation' can be resolved through re-wiring your thinking. There is actually scientific evidence to prove even people with a chemical imbalance in their brain causing depression, can also use techniques to re-wire their brain and come out on a healthier side.

When we try to achieve perfection, it is like trying to drive to an island. You cannot drive on water, but you can use a ferry.

3 Reasons you should strive for health VS perfection:

  1. When your end goal is health, you can make it a SMART goal.

  2. The end goal becomes achievable - you can't have the perfect body but you can have a body that has a healthy BMI.

  3. Striving for perfection will cause you to sway away from your goal - striving for health will allow you to stay the course and mentally cope with the challenge of achieving this.

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