A simple, yet life changing experience.

Have you ever left someone feeling different?

I moved to a new town last year and therefore moved to a new doctors surgery, and started using a new pharmacy. I never thought I would actually go out of my way to recommend a pharmacy - but after my experience I have not stopped talking about them!

My experience made me think about the customer journey that our clients take on when using our services. I am now on a mission to make sure my clients feel the way I was made to feel in that pharmacy.

A simple transaction, where I would never usually think twice about the experience I had has left me changed.

My experience was also not significant; it was simple.

The staff were some of the friendliest people I have ever met; they treated every single customer the same, with a warm greeting and they go out of their way to ensure you get everything you need, sometimes doing duties that is really not within their remit.

My experience has not just left me feeling different, but challenged.

How can I constantly use this to positively improve my customers experience?

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