Have you ever left someone feeling different?

I moved to a new town last year and therefore moved to a new doctors surgery, and started using a new pharmacy. I never thought I would actually go out of my way to recommend a pharmacy - but after my experience I have not stopped talking about them!

My experience made me think about the customer journey that our clients take on when using our services. I am now on a mission to make sure my clients feel the way I was made to feel in that pharmacy.

A simple transaction, where I would never usually think twice about the experience I had has left me changed.

My experience was also not significant; it was simple.

The staff were some of the friendliest people I have ever met; they treated every single customer the same, with a warm greeting and they go out of their way to ensure you get everything you need, sometimes doing duties that is really not within their remit.

My experience has not just left me feeling different, but challenged.

How can I constantly use this to positively improve my customers experience?

Personally, I believe perfection is an illusion.

When I have ever tried to achieve perfection in any area of my life, it always leads to feeling incomplete or unaccomplished.

Over the years as I have worked more on my personal development, I have came to realise that the word health holds strength in many more areas that just my physical body.

Last year after a series of events, I was faced with battling anxiety for the first time.

What I have realised since then, is that every single person deals with mental health, they just don't often face anything 'serious' enough to be left feeling in a deep situation where they can use a label such as anxiety. But, the reality is, each and every one of us has faced anxiety.

Having now came through this myself, plus having done a lot of research on the mind, my personal opinion is that every mental health 'situation' can be resolved through re-wiring your thinking. There is actually scientific evidence to prove even people with a chemical imbalance in their brain causing depression, can also use techniques to re-wire their brain and come out on a healthier side.

When we try to achieve perfection, it is like trying to drive to an island. You cannot drive on water, but you can use a ferry.

3 Reasons you should strive for health VS perfection:

  1. When your end goal is health, you can make it a SMART goal.

  2. The end goal becomes achievable - you can't have the perfect body but you can have a body that has a healthy BMI.

  3. Striving for perfection will cause you to sway away from your goal - striving for health will allow you to stay the course and mentally cope with the challenge of achieving this.

Firstly I will say, I am not an expert in the slightest with drop-shipping! I am a beginner explaining to other beginners about an opportunity I believe many people, including myself can make use of!

I have heard various friends speaking about drop-shipping for years now but until the Coronavirus hit and I found myself in lockdown, I never had the headspace to explore it!

At the same time a company I already worked with within other investments launched an artificial intelligence program to be used for drop-shipping! I decided it was worth a go!

Remember I said I was a beginner? I launched my store 10 days ago!

Here are the facts I have found from my experience so far:

1. It took me 1-2 hours to set the business up.

2. After hours of launching I was receiving orders online.

3. It takes literally 1-2 minutes to manage an order (I timed it!)

4. The company I chose to do this with have a community worldwide so there is literally someone on hand to answer your questions 24/7 and they are so helpful!

5. The team are very experienced in this and constantly advise on the best steps to take forward to give you the most success, carefully! They help you not to run before you can walk.

6. The training from the company I work with is SO easy - they literally tell you when to click ’submit’.

7. Personally the route I chose costs £150 to start plus £47.99 in monthly fees - seems steep but not in comparison to 99% of start up companies.

8. After 8 days, I was in profit - not many businesses can say that!

9. I have sold 19 products in 10 days.

10. I'm in-line with the others progress to be make £2000 profit by month 3/4.

So I’m sure you are asking “what is Drop-shipping?”

Essentially it is where you find products for sale and then sell them on online yourself with a profit margin added, then when a customer purchases them you directly order from the wholesaler/company for delivery to your customer who has already paid you… sounds pretty straight forward right? I’m so pleased to say that it is.

You might be reading this and wondering it sounds to good to be true.. this is the same thought that took me years to start this, which is why Im telling you now!

If you have 2 hours free to set this up and 15-30 minutes per day to manage this, and you are looking for a way to make extra cash or a way to make money online, then this is definitely an option for you!

I will update my blog again in future with more progress about this but if you have any questions or would like information on the company I personally chose to do this with, please feel free to contact me! I'm always happy to help.